Story Me: interactive episode game by your choices v1.5.9 MOD

Story Me: interactive episode game by your choices v1.5.9 MOD for Android by ApkdLPedia with category Entertainment Free Download, enjoy and happy.
The end of the story is up to you. You are the creator of your ending! Choose episodes from a wide range of categories, including romance, suspense, and detective.

Story Me is a free interactive novel app that can change the story according to your choice.
You can enjoy various kinds of dramas like dramas, love stories, and adventures for free! For those who love to read more and more, we also have DLC that can be purchased to increase the number of interactive stories. Why don’t you enter our world and go to a place full of dynamism, romance, etc.? with us?

◆ Main features of “Story Me” (the interactive game)
(1) It is a new interactive application that can be easily read on a smartphone, like a chat.
(2) The story in the app depends on your choice, and the story will be based on your situation.
(3) The ending changes according to your choice.
(4) You can download the game for free and play to the end.
(5) Collect diamonds to read better stories and better endings along the main path of all history.
(6) The main genres include horror novels, romance novels, etc.

Recommend to the following people:
I like adventure stories, and I love romance
I like manga and games
・ I enjoy reading different stories and plots about people
I enjoy reading other love stories
Not satisfied with everyday sleeve applications
I like manga and games for girls
・ I want to read manga and games optimized for smartphones.
・ For those who enjoy interactive games whose results depend on your choice.
I like to play romantic games and romantic dramas.
・ How to play adventure games and solve puzzles

◆ Stories, you have options and the power to change the future.

Mad Tokyo Museum
The protagonist, who suffers from a nameless disease, goes to the “Museum of Madness” to seek a cure. When she discovers the curator’s mysterious nine-weapon power, she will uncover the museum’s secrets. With a strange suspense and horror story, your choice is critical.

·Blue Moon
The protagonist is a high school student who likes music, but he is afraid of playing in public, recalling hidden memories related to ghosts. When his memory was restored, he fell in love with a spirit and discovered the truth at the same time. What lyrics from his songs will be selected as the last message for his family? . The story changes depending on the texts you choose! This is a youth love story.

Love or money?
The protagonist has promised his parents that if he cannot find a spouse in 3 years, he will return to his hometown of Tokyo. He still hasn’t seen it. He attended a matchmaking party that turned into a survival game: “If you can’t find a partner, you’ll be in debt.” . Who would you choose?

The protagonist who came to Tokyo from the campaign dreams of becoming a stylist.
In this story, he met famous actors, gay hairstylists, millionaires, boyhood sweethearts and fell in love with someone while he was chasing his dreams. This is a romantic drama in which he defeated his opponent, and all his dreams came true.

Text files
When his friend was killed, a new police officer was removed from the case. He hired a detective to solve the mystery. But it’s all done with artificial intelligence … When he solved some puzzles, a new artificial intelligence detective was born. This novel is an entirely mysterious plot.

◆ Examples of categories you can choose from (including future versions)
Horror, mystery, puzzle-solving, suspense, fantasy, hero, comedy, romance, drama, adventure, infatuation, bond, fiction, novel

Story Me: interactive episode game by your choices v1.5.9 MOD
Story Me: interactive episode game by your choices v1.5.9 MOD
Story Me: interactive episode game by your choices v1.5.9 MOD
Story Me: interactive episode game by your choices v1.5.9 MOD
  1. Unlimited Diamonds
  2. Unlimited Keys

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