Bugjaeger Premium v3.0-full

Bugjaeger Premium v3.0-full for Android by ApkdLPedia with category Tools Free Download, enjoy and happy.
Bugjaeger tries to provide you with expert tools used by Android developers to control better and understand the internal structure of your Android device.

If you are an Android power user, developer, geek, or hacker, this app might be for you.

how to use
1.) Enable developer options and USB debugging on the target device

2.) Connect the device with this app to the target device via a USB OTG cable

3.) Allow the app to access the USB device and make sure the target device is authorized for USB debugging

If you have also installed the free version, it is recommended to uninstall the free version so that access to the USB ADB device does not conflict.

Developers can use this application to debug Android applications, or Android enthusiasts can use this application to learn more about the internal structure of their devices.

Connect the target device via USB OTG cable or Wi-Fi, and you can play with the device.

This tool provides some functions similar to ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Android Device Monitor, but it does not work on your development computer but directly on your Android phone.

Advanced features (not included in the free version)
-Without ads
– Unlimited number of custom commands
– Unlimited number of shell commands executed per session in the interactive shell
-Option to change port when connecting to ADB device via WiFi (instead of default port 5555)
-Unlimited number of screenshots (limited only by free storage)
-You can record live screenshots to video files
– Option to change file permissions

After installing the premium version, I recommend uninstalling the free version so there are no conflicts with connected ADB devices.

The main features include
– Run a custom shell script
– Remote interactive Shellie
-Create and restore backups, verify and extract the contents of backup files
– Read, filter and export device logs
– Capture screenshots
-Execute various commands to control your device (reboot, enter the bootloader, rotate the screen, terminate running applications)
-Uninstall and install software packages, check detailed information about installed applications
– Monitor the process, view additional information related to the process and finalize the process.
-Wi-Fi connection via specified port number
-Displays detailed information about the version of Android, CPU, abi and screen of the device.
-View battery details (e.g. temperature, health, tech, voltage, etc.)
– File management: send and extract files from the device, explore the file system

-If you want to connect the target device via USB cable, your phone must support a USB host
-The target phone must enable USB debugging in developer options and authorize the development device

note that
This app uses regular/official methods to communicate with Android devices that require authorization.
The app will not bypass Android security mechanisms, nor will it use any Android system vulnerabilities or anything like that!
This also means that the application will not perform certain privileged activities (such as removing system applications, killing system processes, etc.) on non-rooted devices.
Also, this is not a rooting app.

Bugjaeger Premium v3.0-full
Bugjaeger Premium v3.0-full
Bugjaeger Premium v3.0-full
Bugjaeger Premium v3.0-full
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