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Overdrop – Hyperlocal Weather & Weather Radar v1.5.7 MOD

Powered by Top weather Prediction providers — Such as black Sky Weather, AccuWeather, and WeatherBit — Overdrop Weather assists You remain one step forward. Utilize the 96-hour radar map, then select from over 50 Beautiful widgets, keep on top of this weather with acute condition Alarms, and a place among six looks — from white to grey or OLED black.

Thorough hyperlocal weather information. With live weather Predictions from top suppliers, Overdrop Weather guarantees you never get caught in a storm. Rain or shine, our Detailed weather reports Give you immediate access to weather information like temperature including ‘feels just like,’ wind speed, rain, hail, snow, and the UV index, cloud cover, pressure, humidity, and visibility.

Severe weather alarms. Live in assurance with alerts for harsh weather conditions. A Detailed weather indicator alarms you about dangers like intense storms, Assisting you to remain safe. And Overdrop Weather sends crucial alarms to your Notifications, which means you don’t forget a thing.

24-hour weather prediction. Utilize our extreme temperature, wind, and rain charts to see what weather lies ahead. We visualize information on timelines. Therefore, it’s easy to see fluctuations. (by Way of Example, a storm is denoted by a hump from the rain Chart, and also the temperature chart suggests heatwaves.) With 7-day Weather prediction, plan as much as a week beforehand.

7-day weather prediction. Strategy up to a week beforehand with forecasts for another seven days. Informative icons and short overviews imply that what is next — be it Sunshine, storms, or freezing temperatures — is crystal clear. That is One more thing to fret about.

Customizable weather telling. Get live updates using a Gorgeous weather telling, never to get caught in a storm. Customize the telling’s look — from Icons to colour and position — and join to daily weather updates. The temperature in Status Bar shows a streamlined icon at the top of your screen.

Weather radar. Use radar maps to remain 1 step ahead. Select out of three radar map kinds — vertical, spherical, and blossom — And four radar layers — temperature, rain, wind, and humidity. Radar is Powered from the Global Forecast System and information in EMC, NCEP, NWS, and NOAA. Data gathered by a comprehensive radar system helps pinpoint Precipitation such as drizzles, storms, or snowfall, as well as the GWS runs on the Mathematical analysis to map forthcoming changes.

Home display widgets. Select from more than fifty standalone widgets showcasing live weather Prediction, time, and battery status, including the At a Glance widget Out of Pixel Launcher. Overdrop Weather widgets operate with any dwelling program And do not need third-party applications.

Three weather suppliers. Use Black Sky Weather1, AccuWeather, or WeatherBit — a few of the top live hyperlocal Weather prediction providers — everything from 1 spot. Switch weather Providers anytime in Preferences → Weather Provider.

Privacy built-in. Overdrop Weather has solitude built-in, so place data never leaves your device. And we never link to a Google Account or alternative sign-in services.

1Dark Sky Weather can be obtained through 2021.
  1. No ads
  2. Dark AMOLED theme
  3. Customizable weather notification with hourly forecast
  4. More widgets
  5. Animated weather illustrations
  6. Minimal and modern design
  7. 24h weather forecast
  8. Dark sky weather provider
  9. 7 days forecast
  10. Expandable forecast, where you can find details about the entire week
  11. Detailed info about the current pressure, cloud cover, humidity, UV index and much more
  12. Notch optimized
  13. City manager, where you can easily manage your locations
  14. Android P weather widgets
  15. Clock widgets, date widgets, weather widgets and battery widgets

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