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Librera PRO – eBook and PDF Reader (no Ads!) v8.3.67

Librera Reader PRO is a user-friendly and highly configurable reading application that supports the most common document formats, including PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DjVu, FB2,, DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, AZW3, CBR, CBZ, CBZ, CBZ, HTML, XPS, MHT, and others.
With a simple but powerful user interface, Librera makes reading a real pleasure. It even offers RSVP readings and a unique hands-free mode for musicians that supports automatic scrolling at configurable levels.

The main functions of Librera Reader include:
✓ Simple document search with many configurable options and lists:
● Automatic scanning of special folders
● Browse catalogues, disks, and folders with the file browser in the application
● Current and preferred folders (with percentage progress bar and access to useful commands and menus)

✓ Support for bookmarks (fixed and mobile) and annotations
✓ Day and night modes that can be individually configured
✓ Help for many popular online translators
✓ The essential offline dictionary integration
✓ Vertical scroll key
✓ Automatic centring and manual centring on enlarged pages
✓ Two-sided document display
✓ Musician mode with configurable scroll speed
✓ Ability to read your chosen TTS engine with sophisticated (and configurable) reading rules
✓ Quick and easy document search
✓ Search for words in many documents (and search for many terms)
✓ Online conversion of document formats
✓ Support for archived books (.zip)
✓ Language support from right to left (Farsi / Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)
✓ Start using the last page read
✓ Support for online catalogues (OPDS), search and download books
✓ read RSVP (read for spraying)
✓ Dedicated CSS code support for a better reading experience
✓ Support for unique labels and their groupings
✓ Synchronize the reading progress and configuration on many devices
✓ And much more …

With Librera Reader, you can easily create a standalone library of all your documents by determining which formats to include and which folders to scan.
Look at your library in a list or box, and sort your book using filters by path, name, size, date, etc. and there are even filters that can be found in individual documents or groups of materials (e.g. current).
All records are easily identified with thumbnails and detailed descriptions.

The document you are reading can be locked in vertical scrolling mode and configured to turn the page or screen.
Librera Reader supports backflow of text and annotations in PDF documents.
Configurable, volume adjustable button in the foreground and background (structured or single colour)
Excerpts (or entire pages) can be translated, shared, copied and searched on the Internet. Other application actions can be read using the installed TTS engine.

The function list goes on and on and on!

This means that the only way to appreciate Librera Reader truly is to try it.
Start with a free ad-supported version and decide for yourself. You will not be disappointed!
If you believe, you can change your free version to Librera PRO (buy a PRO license) to continue developing this fantastic application.

Previous name: Lirbi Reader, PDF Reader PRO

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