NoBlueTick Pro: No Last Read v3.84-pro MOD

NoBlueTick Pro: No Last Read v3.84-pro MOD for Android by ApkdLPedia with category Tools Free Download, enjoy and happy.
Are you a person who simply reads the notification message to prevent others from knowing that you have read their message?
If you don’t want others to know that you are reading their messages, NoBlueTick is for you!

In the end! No more read receipts, no check marks, no blue double checkmarks, or last seen!

When you receive a message from the chat app, it will also appear on NoBlueTick. There, you can read it at any time without any of your friends knowing you’ve seen it.
All deleted messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, etc., are stored in NoBlueTick, allowing you to secretly receive important messages.
No more worrying about removing your internet connection or turning on airplane mode. NoBlueTick offers a simple and beautiful design that can handle your messages easily.
NoBlueTick does not access any encrypted files. All data is safely stored on your device.

NoBlueTick also has a chat header that can show you unread messages in little bubbles on the screen.
This is very useful because it allows you to read the messages without interrupting the current activity.
Just tap the balloon to open the message in NoBlueTick or drag it to the bottom of the screen to delete it.

🔥 Hide WhatsApp double blue checkmark, Facebook Messenger didn’t show up last time, Viber didn’t read last time
🔥 Read chat messages privately without your friends knowing
🔥 All your favorite chat logs are collected in one place, where you can sort them by an app
🔥 Chat header for a quick overview of the message
🔥 Enable or disable NoBlueTick for different chat apps like Whatsapp, Viber, or messenger, and it is only invisible for the selected chat

How does it work
The messages are encrypted on your device, so NoBlueTick cannot access them directly. The only solution available is to read them from the notifications you have received and create a backup of the messages based on the notification history.

Please note that there is no official and supported way to read chat app messages. This is a workaround; you may experience limitations caused by the selected messaging app or even the Android operating system:
1) SMS is read through your notification, so if you put the chat in silent mode or view the message in the messaging application, you will not receive the notification, so NoBlueTick cannot save it! Of course, this also means that it is impossible to see notifications/messages before downloading this app (so download it fast!).

2) If the message doesn’t save, it could be because Android kills NoBlueTick. Remove NoBlueTick from all battery optimization services!

Other restrictions may be due to the Android version or system language (especially from right to left). Feel free to contact us and report any issues so we can try to fix them!


NoBlueTick is not affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber.
All trademarks displayed in this application are the property of their respective owners.

NoBlueTick Pro: No Last Read v3.84-pro MOD
NoBlueTick Pro: No Last Read v3.84-pro MOD
NoBlueTick Pro: No Last Read v3.84-pro MOD
NoBlueTick Pro: No Last Read v3.84-pro MOD
  1. No LP & Google Play Modded Needed
  2. Splits0 File Removed (Resources & AndroidManifest)
  3. Splits0 Releated Unnecessary Meta-Data Remove Like:Stamp Source, Stamp Type Standalone Apk, Android Vending Splits, Android Vending Derived Apk
  4. Optimized PNG Save To 122 Kb
  5. Re-Compressed Classes.dex & Library
  6. Optimized Graphics / Zipalign
  7. Total Apk Size 3.74 Mb
  8. Removed Debug Information (Source, Line, Param, Prologue, Local)
File Size APK : –

File Size APK MOD : 3 MB

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