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Notification History Log v14.3 MOD

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your notifications when you close it or delete it from the notification bar?

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally deleted a notification/message from an installed application and want to read the deleted letter or notification again?

Don’t worry
Notification log is for your rescue.

After you install this application, a notification log will be created, and you can see the notification history at any time.

You can easily manage, sort and view all previous notifications that you receive after installing the notification log application.

This application works on almost all Android smartphones and tablets running KitKat or higher. The best thing about this application is the “Advanced History” feature, which gives you full control over previous notifications.

Notification History Log Feature:

→ Advanced history:

All application magic happens on the “Advanced History” screen. You can view deleted messages and advance notifications with detailed information. A high search helps you quickly find you saved announcements from the full notification log.

All notifications are grouped by application to show the notification history timeline.

You can also add essential notifications to favourites, previous filter notifications, export notification history * to text or Excel files, delete notification logs, and more.

→ Topic: * Notification log contains light and dark issues. More items will be added in future updates.

→ Home screen widget *: Add a widget to your home screen to immediately see the notification log

→ Application blacklist *: You can create an application blacklist to ignore it in the notification log.

→ Backup and restore *: You can back up and restore notifications if you reinstall the notification history log later. All backups are encrypted and stored in your phone’s memory.

→ Standard Android notification history: On supported devices, you can activate and open the standard Android notification history to view previous notifications traditionally. You can enable this option in the application settings.

→ Clear notification log: You can delete the entire notification history in Settings or even delete certain notifications from one application.

Authorization details:

Notification access – to retrieve notifications from the notification bar and store them locally on your mobile device

Storage: to export notifications to Excel or text files and to back up encrypted notifications

Internet: Place advertisements and buy the Pro version

Vital Records:

1. Functions marked with (*) are available in the Pro version.

2. On devices such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, you must enable automatic start for the notification log application. Whitelist our implementation as well if you use Battery Saver, RAM Cleaner or Speed ​​Booster application.

The troubleshooting screen in application settings will help you solve the most common problems.

3. It is not possible to receive the notification you received before installing our application. Our application does not begin to log notifications until the time of installation and activation of the authorization.

4. All your notifications are stored in your mobile memory, and we do not have access to your information or data. We respect your privacy, and your data is fully secure.
  1. PRO Features Unlocked.
File Size APK : – MB File Size APK MOD : 5 MB

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