Overlays: Floating Apps Multitasking v6.9.8 MOD

* Overlays don’t drive real apps! Contains only widgets, shortcuts and special applications *

Move special applications and widgets from other apps to increase your productivity and enjoy real multitasking!
With overlays, you can choose between full automation and manual triggers.

* Floating widgets and special applications (Floating Windows) only when specific apps are running
* Choose between fully automatic and manual triggers
* Minimize your floating application to floating bubbles
* Listen to music when using other applications
* Calculate things when playing games
* Multitask on your secondary screen (Samsung Dex)
* Convert any website to a floating application
* Create your particular floating application
* Show your music widget when you plug in your headphones
* Floating screen filter to reduce screen brightness further!
* The possibilities are endless!

Includes special floating applications
– floating widget
– Floating shortcut
– floating browser
– floating media, video and audio players (Pro)
– Floating YouTube (web application, not connected to YouTube LLC)
– Floating Count Pro (Pro)
– Floating volume control (Pro)
– Floating navigation bar (Assist Touch)
– Floating screenshot button (Android 9.0+)
– Filter sifter floating
– The sidebar is hovering
– Floating clipboard (Pro, Android 9 and fewer)
– floating timer
– Stopwatch floating
– floating plain text
– Floating Google Maps (route preview only)
– Floating Google Translate
– floating room
– floating calculator
– Floating markers and contacts
– floating flashlight, WiFi and Bluetooth alternator, battery, weather and clock

Customize your experience:
– Click through
– Different sizes and positions according to screen orientation
– Different movement options
– Only display in portrait/landscape format
– Unique animations (Pro)
– Background colour and transparency
– Z-order: sort overlay (Pro)
– To align to lattice
– Many other options to fully customize your experience!

Automatic and manual triggers
– Application execution
– system events
– Tasker integration (Pro) for full automation
– Floating sidebar: Slide the edge of the screen to display the sidebar
– Press and hold the start button
– Start the link
– Only lock screen (Android 7.1 and lower)
– Quick setting tiles (Android 7.0+)
Overlays: Floating Apps Multitasking v6.9.8 MOD
Overlays: Floating Apps Multitasking v6.9.8 MOD
Overlays: Floating Apps Multitasking v6.9.8 MOD
Overlays: Floating Apps Multitasking v6.9.8 MOD
  1. Pro.
File Size APK : – MB File Size APK MOD : 6 MB

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