Tabou Stories: Love Episodes v1.5 MOD ( Unlimited Keys )

Perhaps you have observed episodes of your favorite TV series and pictured yourself as the primary character?

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes allow you to do precisely that!

Make decisions that thing — dress up in beautiful outfits, browse the play, and receive lovestruck.

Within our thrilling tales, you create your secret fantasies come true!

Customize your avatar — you select What You Would like to look like

Read thrilling chapters out of a continuously growing collection of interactive tales.

Choose between different tales: love, play, LGBT-friendly tales…You name it, and our chapters have it!

Dress up — wear the outfit you like best from a Wide Array of Options

Build relationships with other characters in our stories — are you enemies, friends, or fans?

Make decisions that will impact the end of this story — you’re the master of your destiny!

Become a lawyer celebrity and function as workplace indulged in OFFICE AFFAIR!

Your Brand new boss is arrogant but amazingly handsome and charming. Can you Keep things professional involving you? Are you going to Concentrate on your law career or in your stunning boss? Or maybe it’s your kind-hearted Customer who caught your attention rather? It is your choice! Fight for justice, Help individuals, and get your happy end!

Back in BODYGUARD, You fall to the guy who had been hired to save your own life. The only Issue Is, you are already married! You are lovestruck along with your handsome bodyguard, but does he feel the same? In exciting chapters filled with play And love, it is your choices that decide if your romance will Get a happy end!

In THE AUCTION, a mysterious Billionaire buys your grandma for an entire week! He is different From any guy you have ever met before, but you can not help but believe that His cold outside hides deep feelings… Could you keep up with his demands? Are you going to wind up lovestruck, or is it just company to you?

Your options from the episodes of the dramatic story will determine!

Hang out with stars, dress up in fancy outfits, be famous, and find your ideal match in episodes of MATCHMAKER!

In An abrupt turn of events, you have ended up on a famed reality series. With contestants such as a bad-boy singer, a famous Hollywood celebrity, Along with your version ex, these chapters are going to get fun! Are you currently Going to be a laugh that wraps everybody about her finger to acquire the Reveal, or are you trying to find true love? Are you a Fantastic woman or a scandal queen? In every installment, YOU choose What You Would like to do, along with your Options will decide the end of the story!

Back in BILLIONAIRE’S DARLING, You’re only a normal woman till you meet handsome billionaire Henry Lockwood. You receive an offer for his imitation girlfriend… an offer that sounds too good to be true.

Henry is a complex guy, and every incident is filled with secrets…

Can you determine the reality? Is he lovestruck with you personally, or is it just for display?

Make the proper choices to discover!

Require Part in society, dress up in pricey outfits, Romantic adventure minutes, and discover puzzles, all in those dramatic characters!

Back in MY BAD BILLIONAIRE, You feign to be your boss’s spouse! Your connection could be fake, but The chemistry between you’re actual. With people trying to undermine your Love narrative, can you fall in love?

Do to do your best in these amorous episodes!

And those are only a few of our intimate stories! We’re continuously working to bring you exciting and new chapters.

Whichever story you pick, hours of fun are guaranteed!

Download Tabou Stories: Love Episodes today, and begin living your life!

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes v1.5 MOD ( Unlimited Keys )
Tabou Stories: Love Episodes v1.5 MOD ( Unlimited Keys )
Tabou Stories: Love Episodes v1.5 MOD ( Unlimited Keys )
Tabou Stories: Love Episodes v1.5 MOD ( Unlimited Keys )
  1. Unlimited Keys
  2. Unlimited Gems
  3. when choosing an action for crystals, you will receive a lot of crystals
  4. free premium choices
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File Size APK MOD : 126 MB

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