Agent Action – Spy Shooter v1.5.9 MOD ( Money )

Agent Action – Spy Shooter v1.5.9 MOD ( Money ) for Android by ApkdLPedia with category Action Free Download, enjoy and happy.
Who is that handsome stranger in a suit? ️‍♂️

Action is his middle name. That is his only name, and he is the action star of this action shooter game. Agent Action landed in drastic action on his helicopter umbrella. He is a well-dressed spy licensed to carry out outright massacres and a host of astonishing ballistic weapons.

He travels through exotic locations, chasing baddies on land and water and defeating colourful supervillains in epic boss battles, all Hollywood-style.

🚡 A fast-paced shooter with a retro flair! 🚡

★ Get ready, aim and shoot! Agent operations deliver a tiny adrenaline rush across multiple levels of action-packed shooter mayhem. He goes straight to the action, picks a target, and then battles a steady stream of baddies.

★ Hold on and shoot! The simple gameplay makes Agent Action easy to play yet packed with endless fun. There are enough tactical challenges in weapon selection, aiming, and rate of fire to keep more experienced players engaged. Between the different levels, you can choose a more potent health booster, armour or firepower, and your choice could make the difference between victory and death.

★ Classic spy style! Smooth graphics and elegant game soundtrack are reminiscent of many classic spy movies. When you cross the desert and the bridge of a cargo ship, follow the railway platform, go through the train car and enter the high-tech lair of the supervillains. While he maintains a mysterious international character is indescribably calm.

★ Follow that ship! Car chases, ship chases, and a host of heavily armed bosses keep Agent Action on their toes and ensure many gameplay changes.

★ Nice arsenal of weapons! Complete levels for dozens of perks, including shotguns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, RPGs, and all other deadly abbreviations, plus a host of pyrotechnic explosives that open up several new gameplay options. You can also customize them according to his playing style.

★ Make friends while travelling! Every action hero needs a partner, and Agent Action has an address book full of helpful contacts. Earn money by completing levels and use it to unlock these colourful playable characters, all of whom pay tribute to classic Hollywood heroes and heroines.

A world of action at your fingertips!

Easy to play but as exciting as any classic spy movie, Agent Action is a game that brings the thrill of the big screen to your phone.

Immerse yourself in the international mystery at your heart, download Agent Action now and start saving the world from one dead villain at a time.

Agent Action – Spy Shooter v1.5.9 MOD ( Money )
Agent Action – Spy Shooter v1.5.9 MOD ( Money )
Agent Action – Spy Shooter v1.5.9 MOD ( Money )
Agent Action – Spy Shooter v1.5.9 MOD ( Money )
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File Size APK MOD : 50 MB

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