Hero Age – RPG classic v2.4.5 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )

Hero Age – RPG classic v2.4.5 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds ) for Android by ApkdLPedia with category Role Playing Free Download, enjoy and happy.
Old new story
This is the world of heroes and ancient times. You will become a hero to protect the continent.

Four kinds of heroes
Knight: strong melee skills, use swords to attack monsters.
Mage: Has powerful magical abilities, uses his wand and magical abilities to attack monsters in a wide range.
Archer – With powerful archery skills, use bows and arrows to shoot enemies.
Magic Knight: a mighty magic sword, can use magic skills and melee.

Unique weapons and abilities
Your hero can use a variety of weapons and armour sets. Each class has different projects, skill trees.

Challenge zone and monsters
There are many lands on your continent where you can train and hunt. There are many types of monsters in each land, and each monster has different abilities and powers.

Classic role-playing game
This is a real RPG; you will see health potions and mana potions in the game. Train your character and upgrade it, hunt monsters to get gems or runes to upgrade items. Leaderboards can show your strengths, achievements, and items.

Your character will continue.
The content of this game is usually updated.
Now is an excellent time to train the character.

special function:
1. Object update system.
You can use ancient jewels to upgrade your armour, weapons, shields, pendants, rings and other items at level 15, each with different graphic effects.
You can use many runes to add more options to your items to increase the strength of your items.

2. Mission system.
To get more attribute points, skill points, coins, experience or lucky items, you must do missions.
There are many types of missions: kill bosses, hunt, find mission items.

3. Event system.
The power of hell is the highlight of this world, and you will fight with them to get high-quality items.
Mini-games, you can get it by queuing at the lucky box, and you have the opportunity to get random objects or gold coins.

4. Compatible with mobile devices.
The game is designed for mobile devices, beautiful graphics, excellent controls and intelligent actions.

5. Automatic hunting.
You can let your character find monsters and attack them automatically (more suitable for mobile games).
Just touch and look, loot items and wait for updates.

6. Inventory and warehouse.
You will have enough space to gather the items.
You will also have a warehouse to exchange items between your characters.

7. Wing system and process.
You can hunt pigeon logos to create wings.
To create the wings, you need 5 million coins, one golden jade, one dove logo and 1 item + 10, with six or more options.
You can also use the crafting system to raise the item’s level to 20.

Hero Age – RPG classic v2.4.5 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )
Hero Age – RPG classic v2.4.5 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )
Hero Age – RPG classic v2.4.5 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )
Hero Age – RPG classic v2.4.5 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )
  1. One Hit Kill
  2. Unlimited Gold
  3. Unlimited Diamonds
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File Size APK MOD : 55 MB

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