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Dream Zone: Dating simulator & Interactive stories (Early Access) v1.18.0 MOD

What’s Fantasy Zone?

Beautiful love, pursuits!
Spectacular love stories!
Sensual scenes!
Specific cards to accumulate!

Fantasy Zone is a relationship simulator and a string of exciting interactive tales for men. Create your character and select your story. Flirt, hunt for your Authentic love, begin a slow fire at a long-term relationship or dip directly Into the rapid-fire – it is entirely up to you! It is your choice! This thrilling game for guys, you’re free to live your fantasies and unleash Your enthusiasm.

What do you do IF:

Does your feminine boss want your business?
The woman next door is too afraid to be alone and asks to spend the night with you?

Whom will you select?

A former A-Grade pupil of a decent family
OR a spoiled Insta-diva having an explosive character?

In Fantasy Zone, You’ll eventually become the youngest billionaire, a vlogging superstar increasing, a World winner, or even a renowned scientist. You choose your route in Fantasy Zone: The Relationship Simulator & Interactive Story Program!

If you prefer life simulation games, dating games, and options games/instalment games – Fantasy Zone is something to test out.

Twisted storylines, love and drama in our first stories:

The Impossible Game
A Mysterious voice message in yesteryear has got you caught up in the Sport of billionaires. Could you make it into the finale and Learn What is going on? Can you remain your previous self or alter your life once and For everybody? You pick! The sport is on.

You Are a typical man; you and your geeky friends go to a regular school Known as Cleveland High. But what if the students around you are not Human? Imagine if everyone you have understood your entire life would be a robot? How do You live in a world which is becoming foreign to you?
  1. Unlimited Diamonds // Collect or Spend Some To Gain Unlimited
  2. Unlimited Energy // Collect or Spend Some To Gain Unlimited

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