Adventure Escape Mysteries v14.01 MOD ( Unlimited )

Expertise The exceptional puzzles and critically acclaimed stories appreciated by tens of thousands of Millions of gamers. Explore mysterious clues, unravel a puzzle, and Solve puzzles in attractively illustrated adventures!

Save A dream kingdom in Cursed Crown. Play as Princess Nimue within her pursuit To rescue her people. Learn magical spells like the capability to see Through walls or super-size plants. Make decisions that affect the Outcome of this narrative on your search.

Solve a murder mystery in Trapmaker. Perform as Detective Kate Gray and walk into her shoes as you Explore a mysterious murder. Interrogate suspects and utilize your personal Adorable to discover everybody’s secrets.

Escape a destroyed city and Stop a storm that threatens the entire world in Dark Ruins! A Group of Archaeologists crash-land from the jungle and rediscover a forgotten, cursed city. They are quickly swept to a 500-year-old puzzle that Threatens to flood the world again. Can our heroes outlast the Evening and Save the entire world? Can they go crazy when magic and science collide? What — or whom must they forfeit to live?

Use Your monitoring skills, deductive reasoning, and adorable to fix our puzzles. Collect treasures and resources on your inventory, find clues, and Enjoy an excellent escape area encounter in the comfort of your cellphone device.

Play our whole game at no cost! You can Support Haiku by buying a hint if you are stuck, but you are never Compelled. Moreover, no – we do not create impossible puzzles you are forced To cover. Even better, we never reveal advertisements while you are immersed in the sports world.

Adventure Escape Was played with tens of thousands Of countless gamers and contained a 4.5-star average score. Game Critics such as AppPicker, TechWiser, AndroidAuthority, and AppUnwrapper Have chosen Adventure Escape games since the ideal escape room game.

We are A indie game studio that enjoys making puzzles and games. Our Team was to more than a hundred escape chambers. In Haiku, We have Got a match Design philosophy we call”satisfying challenge” We believe puzzles Ought to be rough but solvable, so we invest a great deal of time designing distinctive Puzzles we believe you will adore!


Perform the whole game at no cost!
The most innovative escape area gameplay. Inquire into the surroundings and interpret clues to solve the puzzles!
Investigate 100+ superbly illustrated scenes
Perform unique puzzles that pleasure the brain
Save your progress so that you can play multiple devices!
More tales to come!

Adventure Escape Mysteries v14.01 MOD ( Unlimited )
Adventure Escape Mysteries v14.01 MOD ( Unlimited )
Adventure Escape Mysteries v14.01 MOD ( Unlimited )
Adventure Escape Mysteries v14.01 MOD ( Unlimited )
  1. Unlimited Key
  2. Unlimited Star
  3. No ADS
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File Size APK MOD : 129 MB

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