v1.5.3 MOD ( High Damage ) is a 3D Sniper Game played by a team.
It’s possible to begin the battle by selecting among four distinct game modes.


Battle Royale (1 vs. 49):
In This manner, players attempt to be the final survivor. In Battle Royale Mode, The place gets more minor on particular occasions. The best three players get additional rewards.

Solo (1 vs. 4):
Within this manner, everyone struggles. The individual with the most scores in the conclusion of the game receives the triumph reward.

Team Fight (5 vs. 5):
Within this manner, teams struggle in teams of 5. The winning side receives an additional prize.

Duo (2 vs. 2):
One teammate accompanies you in such a manner. You need to win the game with your teammate to acquire the bonus reward.


Every score and match you win provides you additional gold and stone. Earn more dents to receive beautiful AWP skins compared to every other. Is among the very competitive games, one of the newest io games. The Matchmaking system suits you with snipers according to your elo score. As Your Elo score rises, you may encounter more challenging opponents.

Get rating to rank up quicker. Each score you get will get you nearer into the next higher position. Is a 3D io sport that may be played offline. But You Cannot get the Online gold bonus when playing offline. Your progress is saved, and you May employ your AWP skins.

Get the maximum scores and win the game. Lead your staff and to the best by scoring!

It is possible to attempt to acquire a different experience among free sniper games.
SCREENSHOT v1.5.3 MOD ( High Damage ) v1.5.3 MOD ( High Damage ) v1.5.3 MOD ( High Damage ) v1.5.3 MOD ( High Damage )
  1. No Reload – No need to wait to shoot
  2. High Damage – Can one hit kill enemy
  3. Speed Bullet – Make the bullet shoots faster
File Size APK : – File Size APK MOD : 76 MB

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