Idle Museum Tycoon: Empire of Art & History v1.1.1 MOD

The objective of this enjoyable tycoon game is to build, repair, and handle a whole Museum. Art, Culture, and History in the organization! You Have to administer Exhibitions of all types to pull visitors to view and consider the Incredible history and art collections of all time!

Manage and maximize resources such as a business management simulation game and construct today your artwork empire! Begin with a little gallery, get people in the Museum, market tickets, make money, invest your earnings to purchase new collections of trendy artwork Collections, and assemble more themed galleries!

You’ll Be in Charge of construction, repairing, and principal installments from Contemporary art, pop art, contemporary art, and traditional artwork, in which you Will reveal sculptures and paintings created from famous artists and also the Greatest minds! How about revealing the Finest Leonardo da Vinci functions in Your renaissance gallery?

It is not just about art, and the Museum can be on science and history! Bring into your Jurassic exhibit the best dinosaur customs, such as a triceratops fossil or even the mighty tyrannosaurus rex! You might choose to construct a gallery into series of relics out of Egypt, Greece, or even China, artifacts from ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs and Mayans, and showcase all sorts of historical pieces from all over the world.

How About travel to outer space? Your guests may while seeing the Space gallery, showcasing the best accomplishments in astronomy! Past Distance probes, rockets, satellites, space suits, space crafts, and all Other flight technologies produced by humankind can also learn About stars, planets, and galaxies!

This Museum may be enormous with your aid, and the people can also learn more about the sea world! It’s true, and it is possible to handle displays of the marvels of the seas. Sharks, whales, ancient fishes, and submerged animals!

As A manager, it’s your job to look after all of the large and little Activities to keep the company running and the gains coming! To assist with This, this idle game also provides a trendy Trivia game with many cultural quizzes to perform with! Test your knowledge on different subjects such as Art, History, Culture, Middle Age, Ancient Civilizations, Music, Science, and receive prizes to help you enhance the Museum.

Appreciate this tycoon game and reestablish a Museum to become the wealthiest businessman in the city!

It- Easy to perform and challenging to master.
Make money even if you’re offline.
Update your exhibitions by amassing more stuff to your gallery!
Win prizes by embracing trendy trivia games!
Manage assets to optimize cash income and construct new attractions!
Hire tour guides and supervisors to enhance your profits.
Many displays to handle: Renaissance, Jurassic, Contemporary artwork, Egypt, Space, Mesoamerica, Roman and Greek Artwork, Medieval, Asia, contemporary art, Africa, Pop art, Nordic history, and More to come such as musical instruments, exhibitions of automobiles and airplanes!
Gather rare artifacts and costly relics!
Real-time 3D images!

Expand your Museum and be the wealthiest art tycoon of time!

Have An Issue? Want to suggest a cool new feature? Send your comments to Pixodust Games. We like to hear from our players!

Make sure to check for upgrades. We are always working on methods of enhancing gameplay and incorporating new capabilities!
Idle Museum Tycoon: Empire of Art & History v1.1.1 MOD
Idle Museum Tycoon: Empire of Art & History v1.1.1 MOD
Idle Museum Tycoon: Empire of Art & History v1.1.1 MOD
Idle Museum Tycoon: Empire of Art & History v1.1.1 MOD
  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Diamonds

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