Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing v1.3.2 MOD ( All Cars )

Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing v1.3.2 MOD ( All Cars ) for Android by ApkdLPedia with category Action Free Download, enjoy and happy.
Race against the clock to become the best kart driver in BOOM KARTS, a fast-paced multiplayer online PVP racing game!

Real-time arcade multiplayer racing!
Enter the thriving world of karting and battle online with friends and players from all over the world! In this arcade go-kart game, you drive the wheel and race on various tracks. The game is in real-time, so you will always be right in the crazy game!

Start the game
Perfect driving is not enough – lots of bombs, soap, peppers, and other crazy weapons and ignition tools are used when entering the race. When you discover creative new ways to interrupt someone’s game, you find out levels of playstyle and counteractions.

Fight with friends in PvP mode.
Create your custom lobby, and you can compare your skills with your friends in crazy PVP kart racing. In Boom Karts, you can watch custom games. Easily create your entrance and choose which track you are playing on, how many spins, how many players, and even which power-ups to show during the game! Take your kart to the next level!

Customizable karts and avatars!
Create your racing style by combining kart clothing, accessories, and skins. Choose from helmets, hats, t-shirts, or various other accessories to make your virtual image stand out from the crowd, then choose your favorite go-kart skin to enter the competition. Play and open the box to unlock more. Find the driving style that’s right for you!

Drift, help, and win!
Master drifting skills and become a professional pilot! Increase the thrust while maintaining a long drift and activate the nitro booster to make you explode before the game. Experienced drivers can use precise timing to implement more powerful boosters.

Collect and unlock various karts!
Collect blueprints to unlock new karts to race with! Each kart you open has different stats and upgrades. What is the best kart for your driving style? Unlock and drive all the karts to find your favorite kart!

Game features
Boom Karts is a no-action arcade kart racing game, an online multiplayer racer that allows you to sit on the edge of the seat.

🏆 Online multiplayer arcade PvP competition! -Compete with players from all over the world in real-time!
🔧 Upgradeable parts! -Upgrade your engine, tires, or suspension and discover other upgradeable parts to unlock for each kart! Some updates will bring surprises!
👤 Customize! -Choose how the kart boom and racing avatars are displayed; choose various combinations of clothes, colors, and accessories. Open your way!
💣Power UPS! -Use various exciting power-ups to help or hinder your opponents, which can turn the tide of action competition!
💡 Adventure: do I have to challenge myself? Start an adventurous experience and compete on the challenge track: defeat your opponents, defeat your opponents! Get epic rewards when you challenge!

Ready … done … BOOM!

Boom Karts is a free online multiplayer kart racing game. Defeat your opponents on the podium or face challenges to earn bragging rights. Use a custom lobby to challenge your friends and create rules in real-time online multiplayer competitions. Upgrade and customize your karts and avatars with items obtained through the game.

Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing v1.3.2 MOD ( All Cars )
Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing v1.3.2 MOD ( All Cars )
Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing v1.3.2 MOD ( All Cars )
Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing v1.3.2 MOD ( All Cars )
  1. All cars are open
  2. After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the ability to enable stupid bots
File Size APK : –

File Size APK MOD : 140 MB

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