The Greedy Cave v3.1.7 MOD ( Unlimited Crystals )

In a faraway country, there was once a vast continent named Milton. It was a country where the power of government came from the sword and was mysterious, where people dedicated to swords or magicians could be the best warriors, the wisest magicians, or the greatest adventurers. There are several kingdoms on earth which are separated by borders but united throughout history. Countless stories of the alliance, turmoil, and moments of peace adorn this rug, but this is a story for another day.

Our story begins in a remote kingdom in the north, Devil, a dark and often forgotten place. This is a wild and dry land, where people make a living from the land and mine minerals for the southern rulers. Adventurers sometimes pass the night but never stop. Until one day a young adventurer got lost and tripped over a hole. The story might end if he hadn’t returned, but he did it with sacks of gold and sparkling treasures.

News of his fame and fortune spread like the night in the whole kingdom like a storm in the north, and the king sent the bravest warriors and adventurers to search for treasure in the monster’s cave—even farmers who wanted some of this new wealth to take part in this expedition. In a short time, a bustling city sprang up in this forgotten place. Humans set up camp and formed their groups to explore caves. Smart merchants who don’t miss this opportunity build shops and shops near the cave, and sell equipment and potions to diligent adventurers. Initially, everything seemed fine. When explorers dive deeper into the cave, they discover new creatures and new treasures. Secrets continue to emerge from the cave, but no one knows where the secret sources are. As exploration continues, the balance of wealth outside the cave falters, and cracks appear among adventurers who previously worked side by side. Newcomers or weak people who limit themselves to wander through the upper levels of the cave can only see how experienced adventurers bring treasure with treasure from the depths. They begin to have dark thoughts when they see experienced adventurers become arrogant in their generosity, command people to surround themselves and keep secrets from others. The place became a group of suspicion and greed, which sank into jealous anger.

It began with an adventurer disappearing into the cave. There was a rumour that he had found the legendary treasure and collected it for himself. Others say that he was taken to another world by a mysterious magical power in the cave. However, the unspoken belief was that he had been killed by the opposing party and was buried somewhere below the cave. No one knows precisely what happened, but people have been missing since. With more and more people leaving, some adventurers give up, others hold fast to expectations, and some wait and watch. This brings us to you, an ordinary young man who enters this extraordinary state for a purpose that no one else knows. You can find what you are looking for in …

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In “The Greedy Cave” you are a brave adventurer who explores mysterious caves and fights with all kinds of monsters.

Use your mind to defeat them, learn various skills, get powerful equipment, challenge the boss of evil monsters and unlock the secret that surrounds this cave …

Game Features
Randomly generated cave levels offer a different playing experience each time!
Defeat hundreds of monsters!
Hundreds of teams to collect!
Hundreds of missions and achievements to conquer!
· Enchant / renew/improve/collect gold and more systems to explore!

The Greedy Cave v3.1.7 MOD ( Unlimited Crystals )
The Greedy Cave v3.1.7 MOD ( Unlimited Crystals )
The Greedy Cave v3.1.7 MOD ( Unlimited Crystals )
The Greedy Cave v3.1.7 MOD ( Unlimited Crystals )
  1. Unlimited Crystals
  2. Unlimited Gold Coins
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File Size APK MOD : 91 MB

File Size OBB : 113 MB

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