Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant & Cooking Games v0.0.34 MOD

Perform the Newest Quick Pace Cooking Games and Restaurant Games. Research the Asian Food and believe that the Madness and Fever of a loony chef who enjoys cooking games. Feel the cooking habit in this cooking match.

Prepare, Cook, and Serve restaurants out of Japan, China, Thailand, India, Middle East, South Korea, Russia, etc., and eventually become a real Star Chef. Working in various restaurants across Asia and eventually become a master chef at this among those top-rated cooking matches.

Download Free This Madness full new Cooking Games combine Cooking Star Family Participants who have made in India games and also be a Star chef at a Cooking World Together with our Cooking Family.

They simplified Asian Recipes and Food to Cook faster in restaurants using Time management sport features. The cooking sport has countless amounts, and They’re Simple to play and hard to grasp.

Be the celebrity chef in this is enjoyable and challenging Restaurant games. Asian Cooking Star is a sequel to another top-rated Cooking sport – Indian Cooking Star!

Produce your Frenzy Food Journal with a lot of recipes! Cook like You’ve Got cooking insanity or fever For cooking or you are a mad chef operating your restaurant sport.

Time-management attributes will keep you on your feet at each level.

Range of Mouth-watering kitchens & food:
Asian Cooking Star is among the Finest Time Management Cooking matches on the Play Store.

Cook unique and traditional Japanese Food:

Explore restaurants of different cultures: China, Japan, India, Thailand, South Korea, etc.

Cook Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, and Quick Foods

Master the culinary arts of Grilling, drying, Boiling, Sushi Making, Baking, and mixing drinks.

Install the cooking games today and begin your Asian Food Journey at Restaurant Games.

Travel & Cook in Exotic Regions:
I was traveling north, west, south, and southern part of India. Cook and possess many different restaurants in these excellent cooking games.

Traveling Asia and the middle-east for much more Assortment of Asian Food: Japanese, Chinese, South Korean, Thai, and Arabian neighborhood food can be obtained.

Enjoy Cakes? Well, We’ve Got Lots of restaurants available to get a chef to enjoy, One to cook and bake some yummy sweets in Kitchen Restaurant Games.

Be The best chef in the area and be a master chef. Cook & Serve Asian Food & Feel Cooking Hot in Cooking Games. As a Crazy Chef with A cooking habit, you will see various Asian Nations with this Culinary travel to research Asian food.

1. China
Cook Noodles, duck, rice, along with other popular Chinese foods of the area.

2. Japan
Cook Sushi, Bento box, Sashimi, Onigiri, Ramen, and other favorite Japanese Cuisine and meals at the Western food area.

3. India
Cook Naan Roti, Curries, Fish, Dosa, and other popular Indian restaurants and dishes within this area.

4. Thailand
Cook Pad Thai, Seafood, Thai curries, along with other popular Thai Food in this area

Who’s this cooking match for?
Among the very best cooking restaurant and game matches on Indian Food. The sport is fantastic graphics and addictive gameplay.

Cooking Games is acceptable for women, children, men, and girls. The gameplay is simple, and just cook and serve meals.

Fast-Pace time-management Cooking Games with Amounts:
Well, it is fast-paced, simple to perform, and challenging to grasp the cooking sport. Among the very best cooking games for the casual gamer.

Asian Cooking Star has Many Different boosters Which May elevate your pleasure Through the kitchen functioning in various restaurants.

Asian Cooking Star has among the most straightforward and most eloquent gameplay in chef cooking matches.

Start Your culinary cooking experience and have a cooking journal with you to keep all of your crazy kitchen chef encounters and record all your Cooking on your kitchen journal.

Asian Cooking Star is a FREE casual Restaurant Cooking game.

Attempt This fantastic, entertaining, colorful, and addictive chef kitchen cooking match among the Finest New cooking simulation games accessible for women, women, And adults.
Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant & Cooking Games v0.0.34 MOD
Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant & Cooking Games v0.0.34 MOD
Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant & Cooking Games v0.0.34 MOD
Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant & Cooking Games v0.0.34 MOD
  1. Unli Gems
  2. Unli Coins
READ TO ENABLE THE MOD* Run the game > Finish once the tutorial > Close the game > Relaunch the game

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