Deep Town: Mining Factory v4.9.9 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )

DIG DEEP and Discover the hidden story behind Deep Town and discover story artefacts dug more profound, and construct mining Channels to create more funds! ⛏

Wondering if you have Got precisely what it takes to have the ability to handle massive manufacturing, earn revenue, And collect narrative artefacts? Handle your possessions and idle resources And make enough cash to update productions! Make an industrial Revolution control and enhance your mine creation.
Expand your Town mining and provide your productivity with a boost with drones that will automate your mines” workflow and provide you increases on additional Buildings!

Deep Town is an idle industrial simulation sport which Combines mining, crafting, and direction to bring in gain and progress in your town. The Goal of this miner strategy simulator would be to build and optimize Resources set to gain just as much productivity that will assist you to dig Quicker: use specific spells to conquer over ten distinct elders to Find the crust of the city then use a rocket to travel into outer Distance to mine on asteroids! Progress throughout the game to get the Opportunity to terraform your world!

Become an expert manager at Multitasking and prioritizing your workflow to maintain a constant stream of Idle earnings – craft recipes, smelt raw funds into pubs, utilize the Rainwater from the water collector to develop seeds to plants in Your greenhouse, use miner robots to produce your mine deeper to achieve The world’s core.

● Free to perform
● Free Daily Chest
● Automate your mining workflow to boost your idle income
● Update your control panel to power your charms into dig out and destroy blocks FASTER!
● Dig Deeper ⛏ to find more places to construct oil, mines buildings and chemistry mines!
● Send explorer robots to concealed caves on essential expeditions to collect artefacts.
● Gain from selling your products at the proper time at the trading portal site and be wealthy!
● Update your drone and boost your productivity!
● Mine for over 15 different sources: coal, copper, gold, obsidian and much more!
● No Internet connection required for primary sport: gain funds online and offline!
● Climb the leaderboard and become the best-ranked guild within this idle miner simulation!

Have a chance and find out what blend of spells allows you to tap into dig out the fastest – how quickly can you destroy these blocks?

● Combine a guild to contend with other guilds
● Message to talk about strategies and request tools.
● Produce your staff or hunt for a present guild
● Win benefits of chests full of rare jewels and honour badges
● Compete at WEEKLY EVENTS
● Set on Top 30 or even All-Time pioneer board
● Invite your friends to join in on the FUN!
● Donate or ask materials from the guild members

Deep Town: Mining Factory v4.9.9 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )
Deep Town: Mining Factory v4.9.9 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )
Deep Town: Mining Factory v4.9.9 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )
Deep Town: Mining Factory v4.9.9 MOD ( Unlimited Diamonds )
  1. Unlimited Gold Coins
  2. Unlimited Diamonds
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File Size APK MOD : 77 MB

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