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Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic and Farming v3.2.5 MOD

The Fairy Kingdom is all about magical city farming and building. It’s a Gorgeous narrative of love and the never-ending dedication of a Young Prince into his Princess.

Dive into the world of this Magnificent medieval times and dominate your Kingdom! Build farms and Mills, magazines and artisan stores, smithies and alchemic labs, Dwellings for many magic creatures and lots of other buildings. Meet magical characters, investigate this mysterious universe together, and Enlarge your lands!
Construct a Kingdom of your fantasies! The Royal Throne is awaiting you, Your Majesty!

Fairy Kingdom attributes:
* Construct a settlement and decorate your Kingdom;
* Restore your Castle to its former grandeur;
* Fight the Evil Witch and rescue the Princess;
* Become a master of different transactions, specialist city builder and Expert farmer;
* Collect All the adorable magical creatures that reside on your lands;
* Hold archaeological assignments and locate rare treasures and historical artefacts;
* Unveil true marvels of the world which were concealed for centuries!

The Fairy Kingdom is a free game. However, you can buy a number of this game’s components, should you desire.

We’re delighted that you picked our match and would like to answer some of your queries or listen to hints.
  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Crystals
  3. Unlimited Resources
  4. Increase when you spent
File Size APK : – File Size APK MOD : 59 MB

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