Brave Nine – Tactical RPG v2.3.8 MOD ( MOD Menu )

■ Meet the Guild Mascot!
The guild system was renewed! Experience the more suitable guild alongside the adorable mascot!

■ The facts behind The Day of the Eclipse
The Battle” where what’s at stake will start!

On this day, I dropped two dads.
Unfortunate Crown Prince that can’t show his name after losing all his followers.
Can Adel stop the schemes of linking the road into the right World’?

Can’t Battle” ending at entire destruction?

■ Your blood aromas of departure.
The Coming of the brand new Dominus Octo Companions!
Take a look at the stories and strengths of those previously unknown Dominus Octos!

■ Let us grow again using all the Brand New Jump-Start Quest!
Get THREE +9 Legend Mercenaries in a row without any waiting!
Get Legend Skill Book, Legend Companion Gift Selection Ticket, and ★5 Companion Choice tickets too!

Together with the Brand New Jump-Start Quest, reach growth like never before!

● Distinguish yourself at the World Arena while fighting players from around the world!
● Continue your experience and bend your chess-like humor with new degrees of Evil Castle!
● Customize your assortment of heroes further with all-new Companion units!

● Fight players from around the world in real-time turn-based combat
● Master your strategies with over 1400 phases and hundreds of unique units
● Entire bounties to unlock rewards and accumulate and update strong new personalities
● Build your ultimate creation to conquer your opponents
● Explore chapters of the participating story to show a profound dream world with each episode
● Progress through numerous Arenas to the very top of the leaderboards
● Type a Guild to discuss strategies and construct your community
● Challenge your Guildmates and buddies to personal duels
● Collect update materials effortlessly using auto-deploy and replicate conflicts
● Learn tendencies from leading players and cheer on your favorites in monthly Tournaments
Brave Nine – Tactical RPG v2.3.8 MOD ( MOD Menu )
Brave Nine – Tactical RPG v2.3.8 MOD ( MOD Menu )
Brave Nine – Tactical RPG v2.3.8 MOD ( MOD Menu )
Brave Nine – Tactical RPG v2.3.8 MOD ( MOD Menu )
  1. MOD Menu
  2. Battles Speed x20
  3. Always able to auto-repeat battle (perfect for AFK farming)
File Size APK : – File Size APK MOD : 93 MB

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