TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! v1.6.3 MOD ( Gold Coins )

Have fun excavating fossils and produce your tradition!

One day, I had been fraught with a disused museum. I find dinosaur fossils and revel in putting them together piece by piece.
I am pleased to find a growing number of happy and surprised people.
It looks like that is going to be a great museum!

(How to play)

Produce an exhibition standalone.
Make an exhibition stand to exhibit your fossils.
Gradually restore and produce down the run museum.

Establish to excavate fossils.
Discover Fossils to show in the display stand. You can choose your dig Website on the map. I love wondering about what Sort of dinosaur fossil You may unearth!
Please the traffic to the memorial by collecting and constructing every portion of their fossils.

Boost your degree.
Raise the amount of your museum. Finally, you are going to get lots of visitors.
Boost the level of your personality. It is possible to boost the number of excavations.
Raise the amount of your pickaxe. This widens the selection of stones that you may ruin.

Gather fossils.
You may collect your fossils from the storehouse and set up your favorite fossils where you prefer.
(But, some fossils can’t be displayed based on the kind of exhibition stand.)

Make cash.
Visitors will pay to come and watch that your fossils.
The Amount of money they spend will change based on the sort of client And their satisfaction level (dependent on the condition of your fossil collection.)
With the money you make, you can finance excavations, create exhibition racks, and level up.

Love An enjoyable museum management match with puzzle-like fossil excavations and simple controls! You may always be excitedly expecting your subsequent Fossil discovery!
Collect lots of fossils, and intention to produce your very own excellent museum with adorable pixel artwork characters which move around!
TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! v1.6.3 MOD ( Gold Coins )
TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! v1.6.3 MOD ( Gold Coins )
  1. The gold coins required for the new exhibition booth to 0
File Size APK : – File Size APK MOD : 50 MB

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