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Murder in the Alps v6.1 MOD

Murder at the Alps is a sport unlike any other. It is an interactive crime book with unique hidden item gameplay attributes.
Journey back into the 1930s, resolve numerous puzzles, and experience an experience in the atmosphere of the moment.

The first story is set at a resort tucked away in one of the gorgeous places in the Alps.
But things quickly have a turn for the worst.
The narrative starts when one of those guests goes lost, and it isn’t long until other strange events begin to happen.
Anna Myers, a journalist from Zurich who is holidaying in the resort, takes it on herself to solve the puzzle.
With every new day that the plot thickens, and Anna has to decide which among those ten mysterious characters may be the killer.

As The game advances, you may visit many unique places, from the airy elegance of the Alps to the depths of blood-filled cellars.
Go through the gameplay that is an immersive and engaging story.
Solve puzzles that are overpowering, interact with each finish every personality, and find which among these is your twisted killer.
Are you going to resolve the case before the killer gets you and everyone else?
Are you currently quick-witted sufficient to find out all of the clues? Can you Discover the Solution to the Murder From the Alps?
There is just one method to learn, so get your magnifying glass and your Detective hat as this wonderful movie-like experience awaits!

Game features:

• Fascinating narrative with unexpected turns and twists – hours of gameplay and a fantastic plot!
• Filled with characters with fascinating characters and black secrets! Socialize with each one of them and determine which one is the killer!
• Beautiful graphics with animations that are amazing and superbly illustrated comics to boost the narrative!
• Explore every scenic place and surroundings – encounter an authentic 1930s atmosphere!
• Enchanting songs, excellent sound effects, and wholly voiced characters!
• Constructed Strategy Guide that will assist you with each step of the game!
• Each scene is full of collectibles, and therefore don’t be reluctant to look anywhere and find all of them!
• Plenty of impressive accomplishments, a few are easy to get, and a few need great skill!
• Beautiful mini-games, concealed objects scenes, and a whole lot more! This game will keep you on your feet!
  1. Game guides have been purchased that can be opened during the game by clicking on the button at the top right with a question mark
File Size APK : – File Size APK MOD : 108 MB

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