Cover Strike 3D: MultiPlayer FPS Shooting Games v1.0 MOD

Cover Strike 3D: MultiPlayer FPS Shooting Games v1.0 MOD for Android by ApkdLPedia with category Role Playing Free Download, enjoy and happy.
GameHouse International presents the latest online action games. Cover Strike 3D – FPS multiplayer shooter with new concepts of shooting and fighting games. In this FPS shooting game, you have to strategize with your friends to defeat the enemy team. The game consists of several game modes. You must fulfill your duties as captain of the anti-terrorist squad and collect weapons and gain experience in strategy games while practicing the training part. Cover Strike 3D shooter game has all these unique modes.
Cover Strike 3D – FPS Multiplayer Shooting Mode
Play with your friends
Cover Strike 3D: FPS Multiplayer Shooting Games Play with your friend is a player-to-player online shooting game mode. In this mode, you and your friends play classic games with other players from the real world. In this game mode with friends, you must complete survival to the end, then join the winner’s dinner and defeat the last enemy, and you must be alone to get experience points and extra rewards. Choose one of the two options, “Aim assist” and “Aim and shoot automatically.” You have to choose one to get the maximum benefit.
Challenge your opponent
Cover Strike 3D: FPS Multiplayer Shooter Mode is a single-player online shooter game, where a single-player fights with other team players in 1v1 or 1v form. You want to play against your opposing team is up to you. In this mode, you must hit the target to kill within the specified time. Remember, your KD must be greater than 1.
Play team deathmatch
You can play team deathmatches with online or offline games when connected through a Wi-Fi access point. In this team deathmatch, you and your friends must reach the target destination point before the opponent. Use close-range firepower in this mode to score higher on the world rankings.
Play online battles as a professional sniper
In this mode, you have to fight the world’s best sniper shooting game on the battlefield of sniper war game. You have to kill the biggest sniper before they kill you. Get a higher KD to get to the top. In this sniper shooting game mode, you can play online and offline games at the same time.
Play daily challenges
In this Cover Strike 3D: PVP FPS Shooter mode, you must complete the daily challenges to unlock the particular rewrite of the game for each season. It is in online game mode and requires a Wi-Fi or mobile network to play in this mode.
Cover Strike 3D advanced features
Multiple environments
Upgradable weapons
Customize the game interface
Multiple game modes
Game view TPP and FPP (TPS and FPS)
Custom music and soundtrack

Cover Strike 3D: PVP FPS Shooting Games is our first multiplayer game. Cover Strike is the most straightforward and most addictive game to play, very popular with the younger generation and among the best players in the global gaming community. We continue to work hard, regularly present ideas and updates, and provide tips and experiences to users to increase users’ interest in the words of our PVP FPS shooting games.
This Cover Strike 3D: FPS multiplayer shooter is in development, and we improve it every month. Any fruitful suggestions are welcome.
Note: This game is free to download and with advertising.

Cover Strike 3D: MultiPlayer FPS Shooting Games v1.0 MOD
Cover Strike 3D: MultiPlayer FPS Shooting Games v1.0 MOD
Cover Strike 3D: MultiPlayer FPS Shooting Games v1.0 MOD
Cover Strike 3D: MultiPlayer FPS Shooting Games v1.0 MOD
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