Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle v5021 MOD

Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle v5021 MOD for Android by ApkdLPedia with category Role Playing Free Download, enjoy and happy.
Embark on a brand new and exciting futuristic game that is idle. Earn and gather loots even if you are AFK!

* Language available: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean (to alter language: Avatar/Language

* More terminology coming shortly

Game Characteristics
❰ Collect, Level Up and Update Your Heroes ❱
Recruit Your heroes from an intergalactic pub from commoners into the immortals. Teach up them to become fearsome warriors and evolve them to Attain Their real potential.

❰ Strategic Battles ❱
Select Your troops Sensibly and unleash exceptional abilities at the ideal time for maximum consequences To control the Idle Arena battleground.

❰ Loots, Benefits, and Treasures ❱
More than 100 types of equipment and items to accumulate. Fortunately, there are lots to go Resources and around are everywhere. Some benefits accumulate even if You are AFK as your troops always combat the enemies.

❰ Fight Your Method in Different Gameplay Modes ❱
Campaign Manners, tower trials, world manager, and much more! A Great Deal of challenges awaits. One to check the limitation of your heroes. Can they manage and conquer the Strong enemy hordes?

❰ Forge Alliance and Fight Alliance Wars ❱
Telephone, Your friends, to join the battle against enemies. Aspire to direct the most powerful guild in Idle Arena globe and conquer other Alliances!

❰ Craft Mighty Weapons and Armors ❱
Ascend Your gears to unlock more substantial pieces of equipment. Rumour states that the Mightiest gears are only available through ascension!

❰ Exclusive Periodic Events ❱
Participate in regular events like The Wild Chase and Treasure Hunts. Fantastic rewards await for people who join and research.

❰ More Attributes are coming from the future ❱

What is Idle Arena?
It Is an idle sport set in a contemporary world with five distinct Factions, each with its strengths and flaws. Players can Recruit heroes that can then be utilized to advance from the campaign mode and fight against them. Your personalities will become more potent as they Gain degrees in addition to equipped with armor and weapons.

Earn Rewards by completing quests, winning battles, and even if you are idle and AFK. You may see treasure loot chest meet tools when you Return to the game!

Last, see and play with the various gameplay modes to get more rewards and various challenges.

Enough talk, let us a battle and play!

Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle v5021 MOD
Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle v5021 MOD
Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle v5021 MOD
Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle v5021 MOD
  1. Unlimited Currency (Increase when you spent)
File Size APK : –

File Size APK MOD : 32 MB

File Size APK OBB : 150 MB

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