Girl Alone v1.2.6 MOD ( Much Gold )

I live here.
Why is it that I live? Well, that is because…

Girl Alone is a narrative about”Me”” plus also a” Mysterious girl” alive together.
By Speaking for you, the woman starts to find out about the external world. Little by little, your communicating with the woman makes her develop on The interior and gives her the courage to move away from home.

You are her only friend who will lead her into the external world.
Help her become courageous so that she can take a step beyond her small world.

・Speak with the woman. Have many conversations with the woman to become friends with her.

・Dust bunnies are usually found in the woman’s home. Clean her home to make money and boost Intimacy level.

・Play miniature games at the part-time occupation buildings. Level up the construction to provide the girl with more admirable gifts.

・Go on a date in the city. It is possible to have a stroll at the park or visit the amusement park with Premium Tickets.

・Possessing a pet. Pets can be an additional way for the woman to speak with the external world.

・Dress her up with pendants to raise their Intimacy degree. Seeing her joy will make you feel happy also.

Shortly, The opportunity to bid farewell to the woman will come as you are enjoying Speaking for her, dressing her up, and allow her to learn more about the world. In conclusion, the woman’s secret will be revealed!
Some sudden spins will surprise you. Appreciate the various endings!
Girl Alone v1.2.6 MOD ( Much Gold )
Girl Alone v1.2.6 MOD ( Much Gold )
Girl Alone v1.2.6 MOD ( Much Gold )
Girl Alone v1.2.6 MOD ( Much Gold )
  1. menu mod
  2. Much gold: reward from game in town
  3. The game only allows login with Google account => need Root to play
File Size APK : – File Size APK MOD : 60 MB

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